Oracle training in Chennai
Oracle Training in Chennai
Oracle Training in Chennai

Oracle Training in Chennai

Oracle training in chennai provided by best Oracle training institute in Chennai. Best Oracle training in Chennai provided by Oracle certified professional with more than 10 years of experience. Learn Oracle from beginner level to advanced techniques which is taught by experienced working professionals.

Why you need Oracle training in Chennai?

Today world is full of DATA. Anything and everything is storing and retrieving data. The world has seen an exponential growth of data in the last decade or so and more so since last 3 years. Oracle is a mantra in database world. Oracle is here to stay and lead the industry in helping the business with numerous ways to store, retrieve and analyze data. We cover all real time oracle scenarios which will help you in your oracle jobs

Whom Oracle training in Chennai is suitable for?

Oracle is suitable for all IT professionals irrespective of platform they worked on. Any front end application or data warehouse application needs Oracle SQL knowledge to work with. This course can be pursued by Java as well as non- Java background professionals (including Mainframe, DWH etc.). Oracle training course fee is very less at Glim Technologies and you will get complete knowledge of all Oracle concepts

Whom do we train at GLIM, best Oracle training in Chennai?

We train professionals across all experience 0 -10 years. We customize the syllabus covered according to the role requirements in the industry. Our Oracle training will provide you Oracle course materials and case studies for Oracle projects.

Why GLIM Technologies Oracle Training in Chennai?

GLIM Technologies provides real-time training focused placement oriented Oracle training in chennai. GLIM Technologies Oracle course covers basics to advanced topics and Oracle course syllabus is framed in such a manner that students will easily get placed after completing Oracle course training in chennai. Our ORACLE trainers are certified experts with more that 10 + years of experience with hands on real time multiple ORACLE projects knowledge. We have the ORACLE course content and syllabus in chennai covering more practical scenarios based on real-time experience.

The course fee is affordable and less when compared to other institute and course fee is completely based on requirements of students. Oracle training in Chennai conducted on day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes. GLIM Technologies ORACLE trainers have trained more than 100 + students so far with successful placements. We provide excellent lab facilities for ORACLE training in chennai focused on OCP certification and ORACLE training in Chennai.

Oracle training in chennai Job placement

Oracle is the mantra in database world always and there is tremendous amount of job opportunity waiting to be grabbed. Come grab them with both hands!!!

All topics will be covered with in-depth concepts and corresponding practical programs.

Oracle training in Chennai Certifications Support

We help the trainees with guidance for Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle Certified Professional (PL/SQL developer) (OCP) and also provide guidance to get placed in Oracle Developer jobs in the industry.

Oracle provides wonderful opportunities for the aspiring IT professional both fresher and experienced. This course is suitable for both Java and non- Java professionals like Data-warehousing professionals, Mainframe professionals etc.

All topics will be covered with in-depth concepts and corresponding practical programs.

Demo Sessions will be scheduled on request and students can directly interact with trainers and post their queries.

   Course NameOracle Developer
   Category Database
   Training Methodology 20% Theory & 80% Practical
   Course Duration 40 – 45 Hours

Oracle Training in Chennai Syllabus and course content

  • Basic Database Concepts
        - What is data
        - Structured and Unstructured data
        - Relational Database
        - Normalization
  • Oracle 11g Architecture
        - Oracle 11g Architecture
        - Application architecture
  • Oracle 11g features
        - Scalability and Performance
        - Backup and recovery
        - High availability
        - Business Intelligence
        - Security
        - Data Integrity
        - Overview of Oracle SQL
        - Selecting required data
        - Restricting required data
        - Sorting required data
  • Data types in Oracle
        - Introduction to data types
        - Character data types
        - Numeric data types
        - Date Data types
        - LOBs
        - RAW and LONG RAWs
        - ROWID and UROWIDs
        - XML data types
        - URI data types
        - Object data types
        - Implicit data conversion
        - Explicit data conversion
        - Data Conversions functions
  • Conditional Output
        - DECODE and CASE function
        - NVL, NVLIF and COALESCE function
        - WITH clause
  • Aggregate data
        - Aggregate functions
        - GROUP BY function
        - Having clause
  • Handling multiple tables
        - Joining multiple tables
        - Inner joins
        - Outer joins
        - Self Joins
        - Cartesian products
  • Sub-queries Usage
        - Define sub-queries
        - Single-row and multiple row sub-queries
        - Co-related sub-queries
        - Nested sub-queries
        - Inline views
        - Hierarchical queries
        - Distributed queries
  • Set operators
        - UNION and UNION ALL
        - INTERSECT
        - MINUS
  • Data Manipulation Language
        - Insert records in a table
        - i. Raw data insertion
        - ii. Copy data from table to table
        - iii. Conditional insert
        - Update records in a table
        - i. FOR UPDATE clause
        - Delete records in a table
        - Merge records
        - Define Transaction
        - Save and discard changes
        - i. COMMIT
        - ii. ROLLBACK
        - iii. SAVEPOINT
  • Data Definition Language
        - Table creation
        - Table level and field level Constraints
        - Altering tables
        - Altering Constraints
        - Schema Objects
  • Views and Synonyms
        - Simple and complex views
        - Select from views
        - Private and public Synonyms
        - Materialized views
  • Sequences and Indexes
        - Usage of Index
        - Create Indexes
        - Function based Index
        - Usage of sequence
        - Create Sequence
  • External table and SQL loader
        - Concept of External table and SQL loader
        - Create and usage of external table
        - Usage of SQL loader
  • Regular Expressions
        - What is regular expression
        - Usage of regular expression
        - REGEXP_LIKE function
        - REGEXP_INSTR function
        - REGEXP_SUBSTR function
        - REGEXP_REPLACE function
  • Privileges
        - Define USER and ROLE
        - GRANT
        - IDENTIFIED BY clause
        - WITH ADMIN option
  • Data dictionary
        - Definition of data dictionary
        - Built in VIEWS related to data dictionary
  • SQL tuning
        - Basics of SQL performance tuning in Oracle 11g
        - Query optimizer and execution plan
        - HINT Usage
  • PL/SQL Introduction:
        - What is PL/SQL
        - PL/SQL Block
        - i. Block Structure
        - ii. Anonymous blocks
        - iii. Nested blocks
        - Advantages of PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL variables and Scope:
        - What is Variable
        - Scope of Variables
        - PL/SQL constants
  • PL/SQL conditional and sequential control statements
        - IF..THEN statements
        - IF..THEN..ELSE statements
        - IF..THEN..ELSIF statements
        - Nested IF..THEN..ELSE statements
        - EXIT and EXIT WHEN statements
        - CONTINUE and CONTINUE WHEN statements
        - GOTO statement
  • PL/SQL Loop
        - Basic LOOP
        - WHILE LOOP
        - FOR LOOP
  • PL/SQL case statement
        - Implicit Cursors
        - Explicit Cursors
        - FOR..LOOP cursors
        - Parameterized Cursors
  • Exceptions
        - BUILT-IN exceptions
        - User defined exceptions
  • PL/SQL procedures
  • PL/SQL functions
  • PL/SQL packages
        - Advantage of packages
  • Triggers
        - Usage and types of Triggers
        - BEFORE and AFTER trigger
        - ROW and STATEMENT trigger

Oracle training in Chennai duration

Regular Classes(Morning, Day time & Evening)

  Course duration30 days

Oracle training in Chennai Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

    Course duration8 weeks

Oracle training in Chennai Fast Track Training Program( 5+ hours daily)

    Course durationWithin 12 days

Oracle training in Chennai trainer Profile & Placement

Our Oracle Trainers

  More than 9 Years of experience in Informatica Technologies
  Has worked on 12 realtime Informatica projects
  Working in a MNC company in Chennai
  Trained 200+ Students so far.
  Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  Oracle certified Professionals

Oracle Placement Training in Chennai

  More than 200+ students Trained
  93% percent Placement Record
  342 Interviews Organized
  Placement Supported by

Oracle training in Chennai Locations

Our Oracle Database Training centers in Chennai

  •   Kandanchavadi
  •   Perungudi
  •   Thuraipakkam
  •   Karapakkam
  •   Sholinganallur
  •   Semmanjeri
  •   semmanchery
  •   Navallur
  •   Siruseri
  •   Adyar
  •   Ambattur
  •   Adambakkam
  •   Anna Nagar
  •   Anna Salai
  •   Ashok Nagar
  •   Choolaimedu
  •   Chromepet
  •   Ekkattuthangal
  •   Guindy
  •   Kodambakkam
  •   Madipakkam
  •   Mylapore
  •   Porur
  •   Saidapet
  •   T. Nagar
  •   Tambaram
  •   Vadapalani
  •   Velachery
  •   Villivakkam
  •   Virugambakkam

Oracle training in chennai benefits

Contact 99620734734

  •     Real Time Trainers
  •     100% Placement
  •     Small Training Batch
  •     Flexible Timings
  •     Practical Guidance
  •     Excellent Lab Facility
  •     Resume Preparation
  •     Hands on Experience
  •     Certification Support

Oracle Training in Chennai Reviews

I joined GLIM technologies, Chennai for Oracle SQL/PLSQL training in chennai.Ambika mam gave superb training with real-time examples.The training was very useful and I got palced in 3i infotech as PLSQL developer. Thanks for Ambika mam and GLIM Technologies

Oracle SQL-PLSQL training in chennai review by Anand

Oracle SQL-PLSQL training in chennai provided by GLIM technologies, Chennai is the best Oracle SQL/PLSQL training center in chennai.Oracle training was very much practical oreinted with real time examples.After completion of course I got my resume prepared by trainer. Thanks for Ambika Akka ...

Oracle SQL-PLSQL training in chennai review by Priya

“I was looking for the best Oracle SQL/PL-SQL Training in chennai in OMR. Finally I joined GLIM technologies in Chennai after attending DEMO session from Ambika madam. Ambika mam has more than 12+ years of experience in Oracle SQL/PLSQL and training was very much helpful for me to get a job after a struggle of 2 years. Now I got palced in CTS and I'm working as Oracle SQL/PLSQL developer. I would like to thank Ambika mam for the best oracle sql/plsql training in Chennai provided

Oracle SQL-PLSQL training in chennai review by Saravanan

I'm Ragul.I wanted to complete my OCP/OCA oracle certification and I joined GLIM technologies, Chennai for Oracle SQL/PLSQL training.I cleared my Oracle certification in first attempt.Ambika akka you are the best Oracle SQL/PL SQL trainer.My trainer is Ambika share a tremendous knowledge in Oracle in real time manner. It is so helpful to me to better understand in real time manner.Thank you Ambika akka for you guidance to Oracle certication & superb Oracle training in chennai

Oracle SQL-PLSQL training in chennai review by Ragul

Myself Hema staying in perungudi.First I would like to thank Ambika Mam for super Oracle SQL/PLSQL training.I completed my BE in year 2012 and I was looking for a job for a long time.Finally I joined GLIM technologies, Chennai for Oracle SQL/PLSQL Certification training.Ambika mam training was based on real time examples and I was easily able to learn oracle.She was very much focusing on Real time scenarios and example which helped much to clear OCP cetfication.I got placed now in Mindtree and working as Oracle developer.Thanks once again to Ambika mam for best oracle training

Oracle SQL-PLSQL training in chennai review by Hema

Oracle training in Chennai Glim Technologies Rated 5 / 5 based on 5 reviews. | Review Me